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Batman v Superman | Review

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After years of anticipation and disastrous response to the first full-length trailer, today Batman v Superman finally premieres in theaters, our staff saw it in IMAX 3D. With all the buzz behind the soundtrack, we as we always feel that

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Batman v Superman Trailer #3

Warner Brothers and director Zack Snyder released the last and final trailer for Batman v Superman, with only weeks from its theatrical release.  This trailer unlike all the previous teaser/trailer we finally see what the film will be about, and

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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice Trailer #2

After Marvel surprise released its first trailer for Captain America: Civil War last week, DC not to be out done teased us earlier this week with a new teaser trailer. This latest trailer was finally see the Bruce Wayne, Clerk

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer #1

After numerous leaks of the trailer four days before the scheduled official release date of the teaser trailer director Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers release the HD teaser trailer. In it seems to be a dark and gloomy “gothic Gotham”

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