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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice Trailer #2

After Marvel surprise released its first trailer for Captain America: Civil War last week, DC not to be out done teased us earlier this week with a new teaser trailer. This latest trailer was finally see the Bruce Wayne, Clerk Kent,and Lex Luther on scene together for the first time. While a glimpse of both Wonder Woman and Doomsday. 


As the trailer opens we see as we mention Lex, Clerk,and Bruce…….in what looks like an acting lack luster scene.(Lex is more of a comical nerd than an opposing villain.) The special effects in the trailer seem unfinished,but if they are then this does not baud well for it. Doomsday looks more like a cheaper version of the Fantastic Four’s The Thing It’s no secret that we did not like Man of Steel, as a matter of fact it made our “Worst of 2013″ list of the 2013 Year End Review. Based on this trailer is easy to see why DC moved their release date months before Marvel.

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