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2019 A Year End Review

We take a look back at the best and worst of 2019.

The year of 2019, has been a very busy year for us here at TheLifeStyleElite.com ,Inc., it has seen us venture further into the world of console gaming, building quite a reputation amongst our Xbox followers (as well as taking on more challengers on PlayStation), as well as our first time travel to the Far East.

Digital Magazine Imporvements

Every year we strive to make our digital pages content more and more vibrant. With content every gentleman can truly enjoy. This year was no different, we featured more in our Travel Series more than before. Taking our first foray into Asia has been an interesting complete with museum visits and great food. We have live-streamed more in 2019 then any other year.

The Best Films of 2019

Though we were busy with our travels we did manage to review a few films and these are what we enjoyed.

Zombieland: Double Tap

The 2009 zombie comedy returns with its second installment just in time for its ten year anniversary, and though we wanted a sequel many of us thought what could they possible add to the story after ten years.


Spider-Man: Far From Home

The second and for a time the controversial


Avengers: EndGame

The Best Television 2019

The End of the F***ing World

Top Boy (Series 3)

City on a Hill

The Boys

The Mandalorian

The first of Disney +‘s exclusive television series, directed by the director who helped usher the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jon Favreau introduces The Mandalorian. A Star Wars series that doesn’t feel so much like fanfiction as the new films/movies, but more of a “Man with no name” western meets sci-fi space adventure. Much like the famed Clint Eastwood character, The Madalorion (Mando for short) wonders the galaxy bounty hunting and righting wrongs for a small fee.

The Loudest Voice

This is by far the boldest role Russel Crowe has taken on since Gladiator.

Godfather of Harlem

For many of us the first time we heard the name, Bumpy Johnson, it was in either Hoodlum or American Gangster. Other than these two cinematic offerings few has be true my explored about the man’s life, until now. In late September ePix network released the apply named “Godfather of Harlem“, and for the first time we see a much closer look at the mythical man behind the infamous moniker.

Peaky Blinders (Series 5)

Thomas Shelby, has always beaten his opponents in style, with his wit, and charm, and overall supervillain like calculated plans. Enter, Oswald Mosley, the real life British politician who lead the Fascist movement. Unlike pervious series we are taken along for a ride only to have many of our favorite characters killed in the final botched assassination attempt of Mosley. We see Tommy for the first time loses, and he like many viewers takes it hard. Series three and four have the best endings during the complete series so far. Yet series five leaves us with not only a defeated Tommy but a quite possibly a suicidal shell of the bad guy we’ve all grown to love.

Billions (Season 4)

Few television series are quite like Billions, government verses Wall Street, Wall Street verse Russian billionaires.

The Irishman (Netflix Film)

The Irishman marks the first time both De Nior and Pacino share the same screen under the direction of Scorsese and the first time both share the screen with Pesci as well.


The Best in Gaming of 2019

This year has brought us many new ventures, one of which has been the expansion of our Gaming Division. Though we played several console games this year, there were three that shops out as the best well one has a story that rivals most current films.

Days Gone

This game had a bit of a rough start for us, with the glitches at the games launch its was nearly impossible to play. Fortunately there were a few updates and we were able to play through

Mortal Kombat 11


 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Honorable Mention

Though we tried our best to review as many console games and films there are a few we were unable to review before the deadline. Here are our selections we enjoyed but were unable to review.


The Worst of 2019

With good comes the bad, and the year is no exception, though we found several things we liked about the year there were a few things we found their way to our worst of 2019 list.

The Worst Films of 2019

Though there was a lot to chose from in 2019 these are by far the worst movies we saw in theaters.


In the beginning the announcement of this reboot seemed interesting headed by a fan favorite actor from Stranger Things, modern CGI, and a promise of a darker and fritter take on the source material. Unfourtunelty none of this was true. Apart from a single action scene the CGI seems very cheesy. Gone were the cast of characters we grew to love from the original and enter a new cast the had potential to be great but fell flat. The villain is boring and mostly CGI in the vein of The Suicide Squad‘s Enchantress. In the end there is nothing really new added to this version and like the Spider-Man of old (a la Sony Pictures rendition) we see the hero’s father die for a second time. This is the one thing that would have been a welcome change to have the Professor Broom live until the second or third film give the audience a connection to the character some when he does go we feel the same as the characters. This of course was expertly executed in Avengers: Endgame with Tony Stark’s sacrifice.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The first installment in the new The Force Awakens

Captain Marvel

disHonorable Mention


The Worst in Gaming of 2019

Though we reviewed more console games this year than an previous years, but this year we have found a console game that we truly did not enjoy.

Tom Clancy’sGhost Recon: Breakpoint

Biggest Disappointment of 2019

Part visually innovative and awe-inspiring with equal parts boring, Death Stranding has all the excitement, but none of the fun. Director Hideo Kojima We tested it for slightly over six hours with not much truly happening. Despite beautiful cut-scenes, this was the hardest to review as our testers would often get bored with the primary objective being delivering packages. Gone were the stealth fun of the famed Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Photographer of The Year


Instagram Artist of The Year


Laura H. Rubin

This year’s Instagram Artist of The Year we feature our first ever digital artist, Laura H. Rubin. This Swiss artists’ work is unique in many ways the deep contrast between the colors the near photorealistic with a modern pop art like twist. Though all artists we have featured

Women of 2019 we have a crush on

Though this year has brought us to the Far East, we still managed to scroll through our Instagram feed (in between our flights), and found fun, charming, stylish, and strikingly beautiful women that we have been crushing on all year.

10. Karin Pedersen

9. Steph Rayner

8. Pam Penno

7. Lauren Bullen

6. Kara Del Toro

5. Nikki Murciano

4. Helen Owen

3. Elisha Herbert

2. Brittany Xavier

1. Tahnee Atkinson

What can we say there is just something about her eyes. Tahnee is another Aussie

Final Thoughts

With the end of 2019, we bring a close this decade, and with this, behind us, we look forward to a new one at the stroke of midnight. While 2020 is only a mere few hours away, many are asking what will 2020 bring? No one can be for sure what the new year will bring, we have had a few surprises in store. One of which the Summer of 2020 will introduce a partnership that will change our company forever.

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