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Star Trek Into Darkness | Review

Star Trek widely considered to be one of the best franchises in the Sci-Fi genre,and now with the second of the JJ Abrams style films out shortly, the Sci-Fi world is a buzz. If you where not a fan,or where unfamiliar with franchise, the first film made fans across the world. Now this film has Captain Kirk,and Spock battle a so mysterious superior being named Khan.

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The most dangerous foe both ever face, he is both superior in intellect, strength, not to mention genetically. As the film progresses it seems to be something odd going on in the federation, and what seems to be simple turn out to be worse. With chaos, and explosions at every turn this film is not short of action packed moments. At the heart if the film is a friendship that is tested, with a hint if self revelation. The special effects are stunning to say the least the is truly never a dull moment on screen. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAEkuVgt6Aw] Verdict : See it, and see it in 3D.

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