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Calvin Klein’s Provocations Campaign Film Offers Some Captivating Visuals


Be it in a New York bus stop, a centerfold of a print publication or on screen, Calvin Klein has always managed to present its brand in an engaging and relevant way. Moving swiftly into 2013, the label shows no signs of curbing its progressive marketing as the latest “Provocations” campaign invites director Fabien Baron and actor Alexander Skarsgård of True Blood to usher in the direction of the new year. Continuing with the polished and desaturated appeal we’ve come to expect from the contemporary label, the nearly ten minute film which also includes Suvi Koponen follows a thematic series of suspenseful, yet visually stunning scenes. Setting the tone for each design within the collection, all of the film’s slowed down frames further expose the mood and aesthetic that the design house intended to create with this season’s range.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Udk6uinLkIk]

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