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17 Minute Preview of Guardians Of The Galaxy

We recently attended a 17 minute preview of Guardians of the Galaxy.
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Last night a few members of TheLifeStyleElite.com were privy to an advanced 17-minute preview of Guardians of The Galaxy. What seemed to be an even bigger gamble for Marvel Studios, than Iron ManGuardians of The Galaxy now seems like a safe bet for them, and the natural progression to expand the Marvel Universe (sans X-men, Spider-Man, and Fantastic 4). Offering 17 minutes of footage as both an inventive marketing campaign as well as a way to get audiences excited about the film. The 17-minute preview opens with footage we already familiar with, the prison scene where all the ragtag group of misfits are arrested, and thrown into a maximum security prison. The moment they are thrown into the prison they are not friends, or even allies, but apparently enemies that are bickering about an orb shown in the previous trailers. It is extremely apparent why Rocket is a fan favorite, and will most likely steal the film. We so enjoyed this preview that we proud to offer everyone two free tickets to see the film. Click here to enter and win now

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