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Vertu TI


New Samsung Galaxy lacking a bit in the opulence department? Vertu, formerly Nokia’s in-house brand for luxury mobile communication, has announced its very first Android-powered smartphone: the Vertu Ti.  As opposed to adopting Nokia’s Symbian operating system, Vertu decided to go with Android, whose 60% majority share of worldwide users made it the platform of choice. The Vertu Ti is set to be composed of a scratch-proof sapphire screen, an 8-megapixel camera, Bang & Olufsen-backed sound system, and even 64 gigabytes of internal memory. Time to break out the Black Card for Vertu’s new Android-powered TI smartphone. Handmade in England, the leather and titanium phones feature an incredible 3.7” sapphire screen, 8MP camera, 64GBs of storage, Bang and Olufsen-tuned acoustics, and of course, with a press of the new Vertu “Key” you have access to their range of lifestyle and concierge services.


Price Tag: $9,600-$19,900

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