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Top Destinations For History And Heritage In The UK

Visitors to theUK often have a series of destinations in mind, many with a clear historicalcontext. London is the most obvious example, whether it be to visit The Tower
of London, the Palace of Westminster (the official name for the Houses of
Parliament), royal residences, past and present, at Buckingham Palace, Hampton
Court or Windsor (just a short hop along the motorway from the city).


You might even look at history in another way with a fun time spent at Madame
Tussauds famous waxworks! Away from the capital, however, there are many other
historical destinations to consider. The ancient university cities of Oxford
and Cambridge offer a unique experience of modern bustle (especially during
term time) amongst the most historical of settings.

Heading north, the midlands is of the course home of Shakespeare at Stratford,
and another truly stunning castle at Warwick. To the west you’ll find the Welsh
border counties, where many battles were fought, and the Roman city of Chester
(with one of the most charming zoos you will ever visit). Right across the
country is York, with the famous Minster, and much to tell of both a Roman and
Viking heritage. Don’t regret a missed opportunity Many folk head on, of course, to Scotland. However, just an hour’s flight from
London takes you to the heart of another Kingdom that many visitors miss – and
they shouldn’t. Taking advantage of DriveNow Newcastle
car hire
opens up an incredible vista once described as “The Land of the
Wide Skies”; the kingdom of Northumbria. Within less than an hour’s drive of
Newcastle is one of the world’s great cathedral cities, and a World Heritage
Site. Durham, in the centre of what was once known as “The Land of the Prince
Bishops”, simply entrances those who gather there to discover its history –
both religious and Roman, scholarly and bloody.

Sticking with a Roman theme, a short drive northward takes you to the length of
Hadrian’s Wall – another World Heritage Site. You, and the family, actually
have the chance to explore Roman Forts and settlements and walk on a wall that
was constructed almost two thousand years ago.The Northumberland countryside is littered with captivating castles and graced
by a stunning coastline. Among the former is Alnwick Castle, where part of
Harry Potter was filmed, and the accompanying gardens and waterfalls, where you
can also have lunch in a treehouse – that’s one with an actual, live tree
growing through it! Reaching the coast, you can take boat trips from Seahouses
out to the Farne Islands, home of many seals and countless seabirds. Further
north stands Bamburgh Castle, daring the world to come near!

A final port of call in Northumberland should be Holy Island, or Lindisfarne.
Be warned! This is only reached by causeway when the tide is low and, each
year, visitors who haven’t paid enough attention have to be rescued from their
cars and an incoming tide. Don’t worry though; your hotel will be able to
provide you with the safe-crossing timetable. Visit its charming castle and
priory, with a history of Celtic Christianity from the 6th century onwards.
Just don’t try the local mead sold on the island if you are the one behind the
wheel! Edinburgh is also less than a couple of hours’ drive from Newcastle, so be one
of the wisest of visitors and spend some of your UK time in the Kingdom of

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