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The Rolex Story

One of the most recognizable timepiece makers in the world the brand with the crown is known worldwide as an invaluable sports implement and luxury product. Our friend’s at Rolex have crafted timepieces for over one hundred years, and have become one of the most successful/innovative watch brands on the planet. Unfortunately for many apart from the world famous crown emblem little is know about the Rolex manufacturing and history that is until Rolex partnered our friends at Schiffer Publishing to produce “The Rolex Story”. In this in-depth coffee table book we get a complete history from the fruition to present day.Read details about the Rolex Oyster,Dayton,to the company patented the first automatic winding mechanism,and more. Rolex makes more than a half a million wristwatches per year while maintaining an outstanding reputation and near-perfect quality. Available Online

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Price Tag: $39.99

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