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The Gentleman’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

We give the ultimate guide to a gentleman’s Valentine’s Day.

For a gentleman Valentine’s Day is more for their significant other than it is for them, but whether you are planning on dinning at Michelin star restaurant, or personally cooking for a unique intimate dinning experience. We will help you with the perfect Valentine’s Day date. For a true gentleman making a Valentine’s Day special will be rather easy if you have already implemented our “10 Rules Every Gentleman Must Follow”. After all One of the greatest gifts you can give to your significant other is always a thoughtful one,and when planning a unique experience for your significant other is something every gentleman will truly take to heart. This is were “Rule #6” will come in rather handy. Listening when she speaks will tell you everything you need to know to craft the perfect Valentine’s Day.

When planning the perfect Valentine’s Day there are an endless options you can chose from, but we have narrowed them down to two options. By knowing what she really likes would help you in creating the date. You must remember for the woman in your life much like a wedding ,Valentine’s Day is,and should be a day for a proper gentleman’s woman.


Option A)

Though many gentleman will the dinner date option as the good to… the dinner date. As this is the most common and all be it predictable option we suggest a few variations. The first thing most men over look is the lead up to the dinner, and there should be a plan for it. Though flowers are a staple in this holiday there are ways to evolve them in the day with out the overkill. For instance deliver a single long steam “white” rose with a hand written with a location in which to meet you. A scavenger hunt clue to a location in which only she would know,(i.e. The location of your first date,location of your first kiss, or the first place you laid eyes on each other),when she arrives at the secret location be there waiting on her with a chauffeured vehicle (stay away from limousines as this is not your high school prom. Instead opt for an black SUV,or a town car for a classier look). Remember to escort your lady to the door and open it for her. Upon entering the vehicle she should be greeted buy chocolates on the seat (remember to place them in a location in which she will see them as soon as the door is opened) It is these details like this that will help the boring all be it normal dinner date.



Option B)

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