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The Flask by The Macallan x Oakley HOME

The fine single malt makers at The Macallan have teamed up with Oakley to create a limited edition box set and spirits container packed with enough raw masculinity to rob the entire Expendables cast of decades of sequel paychecks. While the traditional groomsmen pleaser is designed to serve as a portable and discrete vessel for drinking on the go, The Flask is a boldly designed, laser-welded masterpiece whose material spec sheet reads like a space shuttle’s. It all starts with a food-grade steel interior container that will not taint the rare spirit within.


The core is then wrapped in carbon fiber composite and 5-axis machined aerospace-grade aluminum. A rubberized bottom, double sprung cap, and an included funnel with a small rectangular air vent for fast filling round out this incredibly tough, yet ergonomically sound Bat-swigger. If this had you at carbon fiber, act quickly and snag one of the 500 limited edition flasks directly from The Macallan’s site for a cool ~$900. There’s also a full kit, complete with The Macallan’s first-ever single cask, 22-year old American Oak Scotch Whisky, which is a fine prize on its own (and we’d personally rather gargle with joy than drop out of choppers), as well as a fancier packaging for $1500. Otherwise, feel free to drool over our hands-on photo set, or watch the “testing” video by Oakley below and live vicariously through Bruce Wayne on an amphetamine bender.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR0AT66tM-o]

Price Tag: $900-$1,500

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