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The Braven Vibe System

The Braven Vibe System takes advantage of single streaming and sharing solutions across iOS, Android, Windows devices ,and can support multiple audio streams concurrently. The Braven Vibe System creates a wireless sound network and allows users to establish speaker zones for customized audio streaming from anywhere in the home to the beach and the outdoors. It’s the world’s first system that utilizes Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity with an app that allows users to establish speaker groups under the same network, enabling customized audio listening such as classical music in the bedroom and kitchen, rock in the living room, and jazz in the dining room. The Braven Vibe System also revolutionizes multi-room audio by giving users the ability to connect their existing Bluetooth speaker products to a wireless audio network, including legacy Braven Bluetooth speakers ,and existing audio products previously owned by the user. “The Vibe makes outstanding multi-room audio possible for everybody by giving users the ability to connect their existing audio investments through Bluetooth for simple connectivity, and providing a customized and convenient distributed audio experience with the portability of Bluetooth,” stated Andy Fathollahi, chief executive, Braven

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Price Tag: $169.99 – $179.99

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