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Ten Great Console Games To Play During Quarantine

We pick ten great games to help you through your quarantine.

As days are becoming, while weeks have started to feel like years we aim to help relieve the stress. To do this we are starting a series to ease the boredom, and have complied a perfect list of time consuming action adventure console games.

10. Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox One)

The original Xbox One exclusive is a hack and slash button mashing free for all. Taking place in Rome during the height of its power, you fight your way through battles and betrayal,

9. James Bond 007: Blood Stone (Xbox 360, PS3)

8. X-Men: Wolverine Origins [UnCaged Edition] (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3)

7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Xbox One, PS4)

Though not what most would consider the fan favorite, 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

6. Assassin’s Creed II (Xbox Gamer Pass, PS3)

5. Days Gone (PS4)

4. Hitman (Xbox One,PS4)

3. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One, PS4)

2. Spider-Man PS4 (PS4)

Marvel‘s most popular character, Spider-Man starts in self-titled PlayStation exclusive. Differing from the most recent film appearances, you play as Spider-Man with seven years of super-heroing under your belt. This is far from just a standard super hero game, the web swinging mechanics alone will offer endless hours of fun,but the puzzles, stealth missions, side missions will keep you wanting more. The plot of this game would have made a much better film than any of Sony‘s solo movies featuring the hero.

1. God of War (PS4)

For the ultimate long form challenge, we would recommend one our highest reviewed console games (and the most fun to play) 2018’s God of War. This offers a complex story with all the button mashing fun of a hack and slash game, the complex puzzle solving of most high-end RPGs, and the customization that will allow you to approach the defeat of enemies how ever you please. Of course we can’t forget the sheer joy of throwing the axe and calling it back. This act alone is worth a few hours of your time.

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