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Joker | Review

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With the DCU being a bit of a mess many of us were at first weary of a stand alone Joker film Pros: The explanation of Joker’s laugh. Cons: Final Verdict: 

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The Quiksilver True Wetsuit

Famed swimwear company to surfers the world a like Quiksilver,and TBWAHakuhodo have developed a line of suits to help bring a bit of style to surfing like no other. One of the more impressive designs of the three styles is

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TheLifeStyleElite.com’s 2014 Must Have Holiday List

The holiday season is upon us an it seems that time for the holiday shopping is running out fast. Shopping for some people it is very difficult to find something they need, and would like, this is why we have

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Gangster Squad Official Trailer #2

The anticipated movie Gangster Squad has recently surfaced reminding us again that this is a movie not to be missed. Starring Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte, Gangster Squad is set in the early ’50s and focuses on a group

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