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Stars and Cars: Mythical Pairing

Author Jacques Braunstein releases a detailed history of Stars and Cars: Mythical Pairing.
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Stars & Cars is a celebration of the most unforgettable automotive moments in film, TV, and popular culture. Lavishly illustrated, it brings together the iconic cars that made an impact on our collective psyche, and the stars: the actors, musicians, writers, and painters, who drove, raced, collected, re-painted, crashed, or simply loved them to an obsessional degree. From Steve McQueen and the Bullitt Mustang, James Dean and his ill-fated Porsche Spyde,the greatest gadget-filled Aston Martin , Magnum P.I.‘s Ferarri 308, the heroic Minis in The Italian Job, to the eye-popping paint jobs on the psychedelic limos commissioned by The Beatles.  All of the greatest collaborations between stars and cars are featured in the pages of this book. Perfect for lovers of retro TV series’ or the Hollywood greats, American muscle cars or classic European roadsters, Bond films or Batman, Fast & Furious or Frank Sinatra, with over 150 stunning images, expert text and achingly cool anecdotes, this is the perfect reference for all movie and motor fans. Avalaible Online

Price Tag: $20.09

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