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Spring Breakers |Review

This film has had the internet a buzz before the film was released and even more so since it has premiered in theaters. If your truly looking to understand this film you must first understand the director, Harmony Korine. If you look at his past works such as Kids, Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy ,Mister Lonely, Trash Humpers you start to understand that much of his work is based around the dark humor/absurdism involved in dysfunctional childhoods, mental disorders, and poverty. This is often incorporated into surrealist, non-linear forms and presented experimentally. All of which is very apparent in his new film Spring Breakers. The film is about four young female college freshman from a small town bored with everything the small town has to offer,and looking for an escape from their boring lives they find themselves looking at “Spring Break” as their answer to this problem. Their first problem they are faced with is a lack of funds for their trip to Miami. This leads them to a crossroad in which they take a path that seemingly leads to one bad decision after another.
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Through out the course of the film is a very superficial depiction of slow-motion, sunlit hedonism, complete with an orgy of alcohol and the odd lesbo-curious moment between two or more drunk girls, usually writhing together to make the men around them even more horny. One bad decision happens after they are arrested for hotel party when they cross paths with a gold tooth, corn row sporting ,rapper who raps to pleasure-seeking spring breakers, Alien. He bails them out of jails and offers them a ride anywhere in which they all except.

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This decision ultimately leads to everything going downhill. The chaos cause some of the girls to decide to head back home, after having seen too much they can never un see. While the survivors get lured in by Alien’s devious ways, his money and his power. All four actresses are believable in their roles, and though at times James Franco’s performance is laughable it is perfect portrayal of a character type.

The slow-motion scenes throughout out the movie will undoubtedly win over ever male fan that sees it. Like all Harmony Korine films there is a moment in the film that makes everyone in the theater cringe ,and feel a little awkward. All and all this film is a well rounded soon to be cult classic. It just might be his best film he has ever made.

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Verdict: See it ,and purchase it on Blu Ray.

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