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Rolls-Royce Electric Plane

Rolls -Royce teases 500 horsepower electric airplane.

Rolls-Royce is as famed for its aircraft engines as it is for its world-standard ultra-luxury cars. The aircraft and automobile divisions are now separate companies, but the history carries on as Rolls-Royce steps into electric aircraft propulsion with a zero-emissions aircraft aimed at breaking the top speed record for all-electric airplanes. Partnering with electric tech specialists YASA, the ionBird airframe will feature the most energy-dense battery ever installed in an aircraft, with over 6,000 cells operating at 90% efficiency. Total power output is a targeted 500 horsepower with a range of over 200 miles, enough to fly from London to Paris and reach a top speed of over 300 MPH — the record Rolls-Royce is attempting to break.

Price Tag: $TBA

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