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Peaky Blinders Series 3 | Review

We review the explosive third series of Peaky Blinders.

After a rather impressive second series of the staff/reader favorite, Peaky Blinders returns to Netflix in a six-part third series.(though we were able to see it before the Netflix release) Series two left us not only wanting more but saw the return of Grace who after series one’s final was long though dead. In true great story telling fashion, we find out a few episodes in that not only was Grace but married to another. This would be their star-crossed lover tale, but it seems these two

The third series opens shortly after the second ends with Tommy Shelby set to wed the woman he fell in love with, Grace. With the wedding guests on Grace’s side being royal officers and dignitaries in the English government, while Tommy’s side all are clearly from the seedy underbelly of society.  We quickly learn in the first episode that marriage and a baby its the only thing that has changed for the Shelby clan, we learn Author himself has become a husband and turned to religion to help go on the straight and narrow. (Despite continuing to be a key figure in the Shelby organization) Peaky Blinders,cheyan antwaune gray, cheyan gray, antwaune gray, thelifestyleelite,elite lifestyle, thelifestyleelitedotcom, thelifestyleelite.com,cheyan antwaune gray,fashion,models of thelifestyleelite.com, the life style elite,the lifestyle elite,elite lifestyle,lifestyleelite.com,cheyan gray,TLSElite,TLSElite.com,TLSEliteGaming,TLSElite Gaming,netflix

This and the introduction of Michael to the fold would lead many to believe that “Shelby Limited” Fortunately, for us the criminal world is something Tommy can’t give up, I Ben after his wedding promise to Grace. Despite his many attempts to go straight crime and trouble always follows the anti-hero. This time, both find him and place him between a rock and a hard place in the form of Russian gangsters whose reach is that of secret societies folklore.

Third times a charm, the third series unlike second ends on a low note with the family in turmoil backed by a sad Radiohead track “Life In A Glasshouse”. Which is, of course, a fitting end to the third series as the second series ends with a promise, this series like a life of crime will eventually lead to their downfall.


  • Tommy Shelby is in true form sharp as a tack and more calculating than in the previous two series.
  • Tommy like many other criminals in cinematic history wants to go legit. If not only for the sake of Grace and his new family.   


  • The death of Grace is both sad and shocking with just two episodes in of the six-episode third series. 
  • The killing of the six innocent men on the train, though it seemed unavoidable it could have been done with bodies from the morgue and simply paying the men to disappear.

Final Verdict: Though the second series is a huge fan favorite, the third series has a cliffhanger that will make you look forward to the fourth series. 

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