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Paradise in Brazil

Joaquin Nabuco take you through a pictural Brazilian paradise

In more than 150 color and black and white images, the stunning women of Brazil grace equally beautiful tropical landscapes, including locations with mountains, jungles, beaches, and historical sites. There are even photographs that couple models with Brazil’s indigenous wildlife like jaguars and macaws. By eliciting rich and radiant responses from these “Braziliangels,” Nabuco is able to introduce the diverse characteristics of women from different regions of Brazil. From the mysterious beauties of the south to the spicy women of the north, this collection makes it very clear why Brazil is known as the home of supermodels. Quotes from Brazilian artists and poets about the beauty of their nation’s fairer sex confirm this. But Nabuco’s models come from all walks of life, some are actresses, TV personalities, journalists, biologists, and fashion designers, and all celebrate the paradise that is Brazil. Paradise in Brazil is a beautiful book that makes you want to fly to Brazil as soon as you open it. It is a defiant must have for every man’s coffee table. Available Online

Price Tag: $55

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