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Jack Reacher Trailer #1

Tom Cruise stars as rebel Military Cop, Jack Reacher.
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The new Tom Cruise movie, Jack Reacher which is in theaters in just a few short weeks promises that fans of the books by author Lee Child are going to get a closer look at this enigmatic character. The Jack Reacher trailer clips show many of the scenes and characters that previously released spots have introduced, it revs up the action and reveals a little about the plot details. And although all of the trailers have had a gritty quality to them, this one is the grittiest so far.The new film, simply titled Jack Reacher is based on the 9th novel in Lee Child’s book list, One Shot. In interviews the author has said that this story is a good introduction to the Reacher character. From one of the most recent trailers, audiences learn that five people have been shot and that the intrigue involved in solving these crimes goes to very high levels. This trailer reveals a kidnapping of a key player, Helen Rodin, a plot device that reveals just how closely Reacher plays it to the edge to get what he’s after.

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