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Iron Man 3 | Review

Like a great franchises, things must come to an end, but not all end well just look at The Dark Knight Rises. This third and final installment of Marvel’s Iron Man franchises, but unlike the first two this installment is not directed by Jon Favreau. In this installment Tony Stark is dealing with fear and insecurities for a year after The Avengers movie. All the elements of the first and second film are there, but something seems a bit odd.

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The film starts out with Tony narrating ,with a quick flashback to 2,000 when the billionaire genius is still just a play boy,and far from a super-hero. He is introduced to what will soon become a formidable foe in the future, Aldrich Killian. At first “The Mandarin” seems to the leader for all terrorist organizations, and a menace to the likes Tony Stark is unable to deal with. (Similar to the origination in the new Bond films) As the story unfolds it comes across as a little to long, dry at times ,and some how missing the mark that the last two films have with the humor. This could be because there is a new director, the fact that the director helped right the script, or maybe its the curse of ending the franchise. It always seems that when a franchise ends studios try hard to give you everything they’ve got to have a happy ending, but at what cost? Spider-Man 3 destroyed the franchise, so much that the studio had to reboot it. The Dark Knight Rises did not leave much to imagination as far as a sequel, and though Iron Man 3 is miles above The Dark Knight Rises it still ends as if there will never be another Iron Man movie. For that matter it is near impossible for him to return in an Avengers movie. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke1Y3P9D0Bc]

Verdict: Though we highly recommend skipping it if you liked the first two films, and The Avengers Movie; watch at your own risk.

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