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Hitman 3 | Review

We review Hitman 3 on the Xbox Series X.

The soft reboot Hitman (2016) first made our “Best of” list in 2016, and remains one of our favorites console games we reviewed. Now franchise producer, IO Interactive, release the final installment in the form of Hitman 3. Hitman 2 saw Diana, Lucas, and Agent 47 capture, The Constant, as he turned on the three families that run Providence. 

The first mission “One Top of The World” takes the player to Dubai were you are to assisante the three families who are convently meeting in the newly minted tallest bulidingnin the wolrd. In a Mission Impossible style entrance we are nearly killed as one of the targets,Alex Carlisle, escapes. The openning is really does do the game justice with the lighten effects and enhanced sound you can feel (thanks to the controller)


  • A return to animated cinema cutscenes.
  • The murder mystery side plot in the “” mission.
  • The moment Lucas Grey ends his life to save 47.


  • Story is to short.
  • The aiming mechanics of the game have not improved.

Final Verdict: Though the final scene does level the story open for a sequel, there is a nice end to the series and it is a fitting end to the franchise. Hitman 3 is worth picking up if not just to find numerous was to complete the mission, and is a must for any steal game fan. Loadimg issues aside we firmly give this final installment 4.5 stars.

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