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Ghost in The Shell | Review

We review Ghost in The Shell in 3D IMAX.

After much anticipation the anime/manga classic finally graces the silver screen, and after the amazing visuals shown in the twelve minute advance screening our whole team have been looking forward to seeing this.

Much like the for mentioned screening, the film opens in a similar fashion, with use seeing the protagonist being rushed in after an unseen accident.

Followed by the realization that major is now a machine with a ghost (human brain installed inside). The most impressive moment in the first thirty minutes is the shot for shot remake of Major falling from the top of the tower. The remake is stunning when seen in 3D IMAX



  • Visually stunning.
  • The action sequences are amazing.
  • The opening fight scene.


  • Pacing is all over the place simlair to the likes of Zack Snyder’s DCU filmography.

Final Verdict:

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