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Edge Of Tomorrow | Review

We review Tom Cruise's latest sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow.
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Last year Tom Cruise brought us the sci-fi film “Oblivion”,and this year he brings yet another summer blockbuster in the form of exoskeleton armor,and vicious alien invaders. Unlike the previous summer film, Tom Cruise has a co-star worthy of sharing the title headlines in Emily Blunt.The film opens with various television news networks covering the invasion that destroys many major cities. In heated debates were like most news talks shows the guest argues a point, Major Cage (played by Tom Cruise) is quite the showman. He single handily drums up support the the exoskeleton program. After doing so he is flown in to General Brigham to have what he thinks is a standard meeting, but is surprises when confronted with the reality that he will not only be the new face of the war but be in it as well. On the front line no less. He objects and states that as he has just promoted his cause he could easily turn his marketing talents to make him a villain in the eyes of the public. This makes the General have Cage tased, arrested, and framed as an deserter which in turn makes his rank a private. Waking up on a military base Losing his rank and framed Cage is unable to get out of heading to the front line with the ill fated “J Squad”. He pleads with all who will listen,but to no  a veil.

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To add insult to injury of losing his rank the labeling of being a deserter makes Cage instantly hated by every soldiers. Soon after he is fitted with an exoskeleton despite the fact not only has he never used one, but like his speeches on television seems to never have seen one in person.


Afterwards the plane is shot down,and Cage narrowly escapes death for the first time. Once on the ground ,for lack of a better word….all hell breaks lose. He is grossly under prepared for this battle,and it is for the first time that as audience members we see Tom Cruise not be a hero. We see that Cage is a bit of a coward,and even tries to run away from the battle the first chance he gets. Needless to say Cage is quit terrified often times he stumbles while running around like a chicken with his head cut off.


It is in all this chaos that we meet Rita Vratask (played by Emily Blunt)i, a woman mentioned quickly in the opening,but it isn’t until we see her do we get to see how fierce of a warrior she is. Vratask’s entrance is epic and sets the tone for the battles to come. She slaughters mimics left,and right.  Cage is in awe of her as she fearlessly slaughters the mimics with her custom helicopter blade weapon.

The battle becomes more intense, the soldiers start to wonder leading the men to believe they knew they were coming. As a mimics kill all of J Squad a strange blue mimic appears,and begins to attach Cage. As a Haul Mary attempt to kill it he uses a proximity mine.


The ensuing exposition

Verdict: An epically visual action film that will keep you guess,at every turn. This film has humor, and action like no other film this year. Tom Cruise is both funny and inspiring, with Emily Blunts performance that will have you fall for her. See it now,and see it in 3D twice.(We did)

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