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Davek Elite Umbrella


Walk around any major city in a bad thunderstorm and you’ll find a fair share of soggy, hapless souls with their cheap inverted drugstore umbrellas flapping around like wet windsocks over their heads. Good times. When it comes to umbrellas, most people go on the cheap, and it almost never pays off. The Davek Elite Umbrella puts its money where its mouth is. With a 50-inch arc-diameter canopy made with ultra-tight 190-thread-count microweave fabric on a wind-tension frame system, the Elite stands up to most non-gale force winds while keeping the heaviest barrage of drops at bay. Plus, the top grain leather handle with zinc accents will set it apart from most of the cheap numbers out there. The best part is the unconditional lifetime guarantee. You spend thousands on your wardrobe. Perhaps it’s time you upgraded your umbrella.

Price Tag: $149

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