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Daredevil Season Two | Review

We review Daredevil season two.
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Many of us are still in shock from the season premiere of House of Cards only two weeks ago, Netflix and Marvel have released the long awaited second season of Daredevil. With the first season being widely received as a major success for both companies and ranking #1 on our best of 2015 television, many are wondering if the show can live up to its first season’s success, or where could it go from last year’s cliffhanger. One thing we immediately noticed was unlike the first season, the the first episode started off with bang eluding The Punisher within the first fifteen minutes, and ending with a fight that leaves Daredevil with a bullet to the head at near point blank rang. Of course the bullet is stopped by the mask he wears, but it is at this moment we really see what the superhero costume is made of. Though the first season states Fisk’s tailor makes clothes are bullet proof and knife proof we do not see that as he only dons the suit in the final episode it is painfully obvious when we see the aftermath of this in the second episode. From this episode it only picks up with the chaos to the fact that it cThe series has not lost its gritty edge and has gotten even grittier.






  • A seasoned Daredevil


  • Though Daredevil did get a new helmet his custom still seems to be missing something and does not quite look right.

Final Verdict: Watch it A.S.A.P.!!! But be warned you might want to clear an entire day and binge watch the whole season.

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