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Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare | Review

We review Call of Duty: Advanced.
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One of the most anticipated games of the year, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,was released last Monday,and we tested not only the game,but the Special Edition Xbox One 1TB. There has been a great deal put into the story of the game when game makers Activation/Sledgehammer enlist famed actor,and House of Cards, star Kevin Spacey. As fans of the show like many of you we where looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds as the character Jonathan Irons (portrayed by Spacey) take center stage.

The Campaign:

As the opening of the game unfolds you will notice immediately is the overall improvement to the graphics in the game (which we found there were no differences between the cinemas and the actual gameplay),and we find the main protagonist 6 month Marine Corps enlistee Private Jack Mitchell in the mid 21st century. Along his best friend Will Irons are stationed in Seoul, South Korea, in an effort to repel a massive North Korean invasion force. You are thrown into battle instantaneously with little to no tutorial that you would expect from most games. This helps you delve deeper into the game as Mitchell with only 6 months in the Marines has very little experience as well. Once boots are on the ground




Pros: Excellent graphics,a immersing plot with Spacey playing the villain you love love to hate with what we feel is Oscar nomination performance,and fast packed action. The multiplayer mode will keep you entertained for hours on end long after you complete the campaign mode.

Cons: As we tested the “Day Zero” edition it was purely a downloaded copy being which made us endure major errors on Activision’s part, and which did not allow us to download the game right way. Nor did this issue allow us to go online to play multiplayer due to their servers being down. Which continued on and off throughout our testing of the game. The campaign mode was much to short it felt as if it was only a few hours long,and unfinished.(in the sense as they left it open for a sequel,yet not fully resolved.

Verdict: Worth playing

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