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Bentley “The Story of Bentley Motors” Short Film

Bentley showcases the history of its company.

Since 1919, British luxury sports cars manufacturer, Bentley, has created the world’s finest grand tourers for its extraordinary customers. From the moment that a simple aluminum paperweight inspired W.O. Bentley to build a lighter engine, Bentley’s cars have combined engineering innovation with unrivaled craftsmanship, to stunning effect. Throughout the 1920s, Bentley triumphed in some of Europe’s most testing races. A legion of daring customers, the Bentley Boys, and the Bentley Girls pushed the company to create ever faster cars, dominating the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. Today, the Bentley brand stands for a commitment to uncompromising luxury and performance that no other company can match and powerful, exquisitely crafted cars inspired by a glorious first hundred years.

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