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Avengers: Endgame | Review

We review the final chapter in a twenty two film climax, Avenger's: Endgame.

Thor does not die like the rumors say he joins the guardians of the galaxy and give the Thor to Valkire and she now rules new Asgard as the new Queen. Hulk is the genius hulk smart wields the infinity glove to snap everyone back but ducked his arm up. Thor beheads future thanos past thanos come threw time to get all the stone they collected. To get the soul stone balck widow sacrifices herself and Hawkeye takes the stone to earth. Past Gamora goes to the future but is like new griot has no memories of the guardians team so leaves nibula joins them along with May ride that fat dude Thor. He’s fat not. He gets his old hammer back and cap wields it beats the shit out of thanos for a minute when all else looks lost all the hero’s the dies in the snapping come in to save the day captain marvel is a lot less annoying in this one. Ironman put on the glove and snaps thanos and his hoard away but dies in the end. He also has a kid like in his dream. Cap goes back in time to return the stones but doesn’t come back instead he stays to live his life out with Peggy carter gets old and gives his sheiks to Tay V aka Falcon. So he’s now cap. Credits roll but no need to wait no after credit scene.


  • The Sam Wilson call back “On your left”.
  • Tony and Howard’s talk about life.
  • Iron-Man/Tony Stark’s death.
  • Captain America finally get his dance with Peggy Carter.


  • No end credit teaser.
  • Iron-Man/Tony Starks death.

Final Verdict: Watch in IMAX, see it twice, and buy it on 4k blu ray. this will  

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