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15 Minute Preview of Doctor Strange

15 minute preview of Marvel's latest Doctor Strange.

Last night a few members of TheLifeStyleElite.com were privy to an advance 15-minute preview of Doctor Strange. (which was played twice) The film centers around the once world famous neurosurgeon, Steven Strange.

The preview opens with an already the prominent surgeon Doctor Strange basking in his wealth, successful career, and his ego. One things is for sure Steven Strange unlike the other wealthy man in the MCU, Tony Stark/Iron-Man his style is actually befitting a man of his fine wealth. For years the one thing that has bothered us more than anything is the way Stark dresses. He suits come across as off the rack, and Strange’s tend to have the amazing British bespoke look to them. We so enjoyed this preview that we proud to offer everyone two free tickets to see the film.


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