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The Ten Rules Every Gentleman Must Follow

The ultimate rule book to becoming a gentleman.
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In an age where men are no longer men, where boys are more concerned with looking flashy, over being respectable , and classy. It has become obvious to anyone with intelligence that boys are being passed off as men throughout the world, and most are none the wiser. There is a vast difference between a boy trying to be a man, and a gentleman. To be a true gentleman, a man does not need a lot of flash, or cash for that matter, it does, however, take a considerable amount of class. A proper gentleman always adheres to unspoken rules of chivalry, manners, confidence, and charisma, though sadly in modern times these are all things of the past. For this reason, that we at TheLifeStyleElite.com have compiled these ten handy rules that every real man should live by. From how to dress and act in public, to how to treat your significant other. Our rules will help you be a modern respectable gentleman.

10. Social network responsibility

Times have changed social networking sites are a big part of our daily lives,and like it or not your behavior on them can affect how clients (both potential and current), significant others, family friends etc. see you in “real life”. From the party picture you post of Facebook, the wild nights you document on Instagram, the crazy rants you tweet, to what you think is funny in Vine videos. This also includes how, and what you e-mail/text. It is always important to never post,tweet,text, or e-mail anything that will be perceived as crass,or unkind. (This includes nude/shirtless pictures, as once they are on the internet they are next to impossible to take completely off.)

9.Always be direct and truthful

A gentleman is always direct as he is far too busy to beat around the push, and is always truthful. Lying is very immature, and a waste of time. Always remember if you never lie, you never have to remember anything.

8. Be on time

A gentleman never keeps his date waiting but is punctual and ready to go at the appointed hour. Set your alarm if needed, and plan how long it will take to arrive at your destination ahead of time. Don’t be late without a very good excuse and be sure to phone her to explain what has happened to hold you up. She may not wait long, especially if she’s had previous experiences with non-gentleman types standing her up.

7. Tip well

There have always been certain rules set in place about tipping. Some will say 5%-10% is a good tip , but a gentlemen always tips 15%-25%.  Tipping should be done whether the service was good or bad. We suggest 15% if you were dissatisfied with your service as your server could have just had an off day/night and 25% (or more) for good/exceptional service. Remember there is no harm comes from spreading the wealth.

6. Listen more. Talk less

The intelligent design of the human body Two ears one mouth this simplistic design is for a man to listen twice as much as you speak. One the greatest benefits of listening is that there is always a wealth of knowledge in every conversation you have. By listening to you significant other you will find that not only will you learn more about them, but you find great thoughtful gift ideas by just simply listening. (This will help you avoid the stress of what to buy for birthdays,holidays etc.) You will find so much about a person by listening, and it is a sign respect to do so. Remember to never talk over someone in a conversation as this is a sign of disrespect.

5. Proper suit etiquette

It is important to always look your best at all times.  As your appearance should always be a presentation of yourself; a billboard advertisement of yourself. That being said, nothing is a better representation if one’s self like a finely tailored suit. Unfortunately, most men do not know how to wear a suit correctly nor do they know how to properly chose a great cut for the occasion. When thinking of wearing a suit a few things should come to mind when choosing your gentleman’s attire. Your suit should have natural shoulders not a lot of padding,too much will make the suit look cheap, and will make the suit feel like it’s wearing you instead if the other way around. One or two button suit will do, this gives you a modern ,and stylish look. (Always remember never ever,ever button the bottom button on a two or more button suit.) Although bespoke suits are ideal you can purchase an inexpensive suit off the rack, but we recommend you get it tailored. As an untailored suit will make you not only appear less than desirable to everyone that sees you. A little-known fact about suit etiquette is that when one is standing your suit jacket should be buttoned at all times, and when one is seated your suit jacket should be open.

4. Treat her well,and love her like there is no tomorrow

When it comes to treating the woman in your life, there are a few things every gentleman knows, it is the simple things that count the most. In modern times men have forgotten the act of sending her flowers not because it is a special occasion, but because it is simply a Tuesday. A gentleman never lets a woman open her own door, he always escorts her by hand to and from the car to your destination. When dining always pull out her chair for her, and always allow her to order first. Not for the simplistic reason of your budget, but it allows you to pick your meal accordingly. After all, it would be quite rude for you to order a five-course meal if she only ordered a small salad. Remember to make her laugh after all spending time with you significant other should be fun, and a true gentleman.

3. Always be well groomed

As it is important to have proper suit etiquette (see rule#5, it is also very important that your physical appearance match your clothing.  Keep a clean shave ,or very well trimmed facial hair. An often overlooked item is most often a man’s fingernails. No matter what you do for a living. whiter you are a landscaper,or mechanic your fingernails should also be presentable.

2. Pick up the check

A gentleman always picks up the bill,that’s not to say the woman can not pick up the bill,but a true gentleman would never let her pay. This act transcends a dating frame even amongst other men a gentlemen will fight to pay the tab. This is the true “Alpha Male Gentleman.”

1. Mind your Ps & Qs

Our number one is by far the most important rule to being a gentleman, minding your Ps & Qs (that is “prime quality” or “highest quality” for anyone who does not know this). This can mean a variety of things  a gentleman must remember. Always remove your hat when indoors, when dining with others always wait for others to get their food before eating.  As a gentleman, you want to be as polite as possible chatting until does.  A gentleman knows that in conversation there is no need to be profane as it shows a lack of vocabulary. When seated if you are introduced to someone it is proper for a gentleman to stand up (follow rule #5 when you do) look the person in the eye,and shake their hand firm while you do. This is a sign of respect and a true mark of a gentleman.

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