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Alpha Females And Why Men Love Them

What makes the “Alpha Female” attractive to men?

There has been in recent years a growing trend of films,and television shows featuring strong Alpha females. The success of these shows that (at least from the male audience member stand point) men want a challenge. This of course is not the entirely uncommon among the male population; as men are by nature a competitive species. This transcends all species across the planet giving all males the desire to always want not only win,but completely dominate. No matter the species the male counterpart thrives on a challenge. Nothing is more of a challenge the the seemingly unattainable ,and elusive “Alpha” female. This idea has made its way into a few Hollywood films of this year,all of which have been critically acclaimed,and box office blockbusters.

Is it due to the male populations infatuation with the “Alpha Female”,great script writing, or a combination of the both?  To truly understand an Alpha Female you must first take a look at her attributes:

Her strengths: An alpha Female by nature is an over achiever ,a hard worker that rarely if ever takes time off. Ironically, it’s not the alpha male who will approach her, rather it is her that will approach him. For most men this can be a shock, as most often men make the first more.

Her weaknesses: Her strength is the unfortunate cause of her inability to find a significant other. Her over achieving has left little time to pursue a relationship,have children,or find any over all happiness. She may have a lot in common with her alpha male counter parts, but as both put what they want to achieve at the forefront many never get the chance to meet.

Hollywood has taken this as a prototype for some of this years biggest films: 300: Rise Of An Empire,Edge Of Tomorrow,Captain America: The Winter Solider. In all three of this years films they have all showcased a prominent “Alpha Female”. All having the typical attributes,but with model looks.

In 300: Rise Of An Empire ,Eva Green prorates “Artemisia” a fierce warrior at the head of a navy flight in tyrant Xerxes vast empire. She is proven to be driven, all be it slightly deranged she is the Alpha Female and compared to the tyrant, Xerxes, she makes him look like a beta. She is feared ruthless,but unlike most Hollywood films she is just a character in the story, yet her Alpha Female prowess steals the show. (Not unlike her more resent performance in Sin City where she played the “Dame To Kill For”) For the male audience it is a combination of both the seductive eyes of the French born actress,and the shire attitude she projects that attracts men. Perhaps it’s the nature of a man to win that makes us want the challenge of an “Alpha Female” that makes us want to rise to the challenge.

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